B-52G 58-0225 Mohawk Valley


Griffiss Airfield (RME) - Rome, New York

B-52G Mohawk Valley

An apparition from history appears  in the early morning mists at  the former Griffiss AFB in Rome, New York.  The lonely  stillness of the rising sun  is broken by the thunder of eight mighty jet engines as the B-52G Mohawk Valley returns from a 24 hour mission, and approaches, with flaps down for a welcoming landing at her home base.  What!  Cannot hear her?  Close your eyes, my friend, and travel back in time to those wondrous days of yesteryear,  buried in the deep recesses of our  imagination, memory, and mind's eye.

There!  Now you see her,  --  as I do --  getting closer --  returning from the skies


Boeing B-52G 58-0225 Mohawk Valley is the magnificent Gate Guard at the former Griffiss AFB.  Nose high, flaps down, she sits on short final for landing.

The Mohawk Valley  is wonderfully displayed and maintained by American Legion Post #24 in Rome, New York.  A commemorative coin they offer for sale is inscribed "First to Arrive, Never to Leave"  See the Link below.


This airplane flew combat missions in SE Asia during the Viet Nam war from Andersen AFB, Guam

The Mohawk Valley flew 32 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm

How wonderful that this magnificent airplane has been preserved and enshrined for future generations.


Mohawk Valley B-52 Memorial - American Legion Post #24

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