B-52G 59-2584 Midnight Express

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is custodian of a USAF Boeing B-52G bomber at the Museum's Everett facility.  This particular airplane, after flight testing, spent its entire life in-service with SAC, until placed on long-term loan with the Museum.  Looking after elements of history and  maintenance of this airplane is Bob Bogash, retired after 30 years with Boeing, the last ten of which were as Director of Quality Assurance in the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.  Bob was instrumental in obtaining this historic aircraft from USAF originally, and in retirement, has become seriously involved with the Museum and the care of this and other airplanes.

The Airplane

Airplane 59-2584, is a Boeing model B-52G-125-BW c/n W347 (CMI),  powered by eight PW J57-P-43WB engines.  It  was accepted by the USAF in Oct 1960. The airplane remained in service with the Strategic Air Command for the next 31 years, before being retired on 23 Sept 1991 and provided to the Museum for exhibit. The airplane was one of 193 G-models built at Boeing's Wichita plant and at retirement had accumulated 15,305 hours of flight time. It's last unit was also the 93rd at Castle. Records accompanying the airplane indicated its last Crew Chief was S. Sgt T. Rogers, (see Note below.) and the last check, a PR, was performed by Sgt. Kevin McHugh at 0400 hours on 23 Sept. The airplane was then flown from Castle to Paine Field in Everett, Washington by Capt. Bill Stimson and crew, where it was placed in storage on the Boeing Everett Plant flight line. The airplane was subsequently moved to a parking area adjacent to the airport fire station at the south end of the airport, where it is currently located, and can be viewed through the airport security fence.  The Museum's Restoration Facility is located at Paine Field.

Note:  Stencilling on the LH side of the nose indicates the folllowing ground crew:  Crew Chief  T. Sgt.  J. Fisher;  Asst. S. Sgt  D. Stello; SRA  R. Phillips.



The operational history of this airplane is delineated below.  The airplane underwent major mods at Boeing, SAAMA, CAMS, OCAMA, and OK City. It's last overhaul date was 22 Feb 1989. Demilitarization in accordance with the START Treaty requirements was accomplished about 17 Aug 1992 while in storage with the Museum. Research has confirmed that this airplane was one of 110 G-models which saw combat duty during the Vietnam War as part of operation Bullet Shot/Linebacker. ( An email correspondence to me was from a pilot who flew a combat mission in this airplane from Andersen AFB on Guam to SE Asia in March 1973.)  74 B-52G's were also assigned to Desert Storm. B-52G's accomplished a number of distance record flights. It is also unknown whether 2584 was ever involved in either of these two assignments.  The airplane was assigned to Fairchild AFB in Spokane, however, establishing a NW connection.  Viewers having information or photos of this airplane in service are invited to contact me, and I will post them on this web site.   Have you info?

28 Sept 1960     Accepted into USAF inventory at Boeing Wichita plant
5 Oct 1960         Delivered to SAC 4137 SW at Robins AFB, GA
1 Feb 1963        Unit realignment  465 BW at Robins AFB, GA
25 Jul 1968        Unit realignment 19 BW at Robins AFB, GA
15 Apr 1972       Operation Bullet Shot III at Andersen AFB, Guam
6 Sept 1973       Redeploy  OCAMA at Tinker AFB, OK
                          PDM (Periodic Depot Maintenance) and AGM-69A SRAM modification
10 Dec 1973       PCS (after Tinker PDM) with 28 BW at Ellsworth AFB, SD
9 Jul 1974          42 BW at Loring AFB, ME
2 Apr 1976         PCS (after PDM at Tinker) with 2 BW at Barksdale AFB, LA
30 May 1980      PCS (after PDM at Tinker) with 92 BW at Fairchild AFB, WA
7 May 1983        93 BW at Castle AFB, CA
29 Oct 1984       PCS (after PDM at Tinker) with 416 BW at Griffiss AFB, NY
                          Received Cruise Missile Integration (CMI) while at Tinker PDM
5 Feb 1987        PCS with 379 BW at Wurtsmith AFB, MI
16 Jul 1987        PCS with 97 BW at Blytheville AFB, AR
10 Aug 1989      PCS (after PDM at Tinker) with 93 BW at Castle AFB, CA
23 Sept 1991     Retired and terminated from USAF inventory
                          Ferried to Paine Field (KPAE) at Everett, WA for display by Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA

           Note:     I have conflicting information about initial SAC service.  One piece of data says delivered to 4137 SW at Robbins 5 Oct 1960;
                       The other says delivery to 93 BW at Castle on 9 Oct 1960.  Can you help with this?

Restoration and Preservation

Since acquisition by the Museum, the airplane has basically been in a restoration and preservation status, pending its permanent display in a future Museum facility at Paine Field.  The airplane was basically in "turn-key" condition when delivered by USAF to the Museum's facility.  Some missing and damaged parts have been replaced by spares obtained from the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB.  Periodic cleaning and "wash parties" have helped to keep the airplane exterior clean.  Heating and dehumidification equipment has been installed in the crew compartment to prevent moisture deterioration caused by the damp Northwest climate.

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The Museum needs  people with a real interest and love of the B-52 to help maintain this airplane.  Anyone can apply - engineers, pilots, mechanics. Jobs and tasks can be tailored to the volunteer's particular skills.   Interested in adopting a B-52?  Bob can be reached  here.

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