Seattle Museum of Flight Restoration Center
Located at the Museum of Flight Annex Facility at Paine Field, Everett, Washington

deHavilland Comet 4C
deHavilland Comet 4C

Hours of Operation:

Tues-Weds-Thurs 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sat   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday-Sunday-Monday: Closed

Admission:  Approx $5 (Instituted Summer of 2009; was Free previously - sorry.)

Telephone: 425 745-5150

Located on the east side of the field, just north of the airport main entrance, the Museum's Restoration Facility occupies two hangars and ramp area, and includes some unique aircraft and aviation hardware on display. The public can observe both completed projects as well as aircraft under active restoration. Some of the aircraft are airworthy and are flown regularly.

Directions: Take I-5 north or south to Exit 189. Go west on Washington Rte 526 towards Mukilteo ferry. Take third exit in front of Boeing hangars. Turn left under freeway on Airport Road. Go about 1 mile to blue sign, entrance to Snohomish County Airport. Restoration Center is immediately to the right after entering the airport. Parking at both ends of facility.

 Click here to see some of the restoration activities and capabilities

Aircraft and Aviation items at this facility: (Note this is a dynamic listing changing frequently)

Boeing 727-100  N7001U - the Number 1 727 aircraft out of 1832 built. Rolled out 27 Nov 1962; First Flight 9 Feb 1963; delivered to United Air Lines 6 Oct 1964; retired 13 Jan 1991. Flew 64,495 hours. This airplane is under restoration to a flying condition; volunteers are invited. More information.

Boeing 727-100C N124FE Retired Federal Express freighter (originally Eastern N8160G) being used as parts donor for N7001U. 
  (Note:  This airplane was dismantled in October 2005).   More information.

de Havilland Comet 4C C/N 6424; first 4C; first flight 31 Oct 1959; delivered to Mexicana; entered service 4 Jul 1960; abandoned Paine Field 1979; to Everett Community College 1984; subsequently to Museum of Flight. BOAC colors. This airplane is under restoration; volunteers contact Bob Hood.
More Comet information and photos.

Boeing 247D  NC 13347. Was named "Captain George Juneau" in honor of leader of 13 year restoration. This airplane is airworthy and flies regularly. It is one of only four surviving 247's, and the only airworthy example.  (Note:  This airplane is currently undergoing a landing gear change and is not flying.)

Lockheed F-104C Starfighter  N820NA NASA #820 Served with USAF (56-934) at George AFB May 1959 to July 1967; later deployed to Spain and Viet Nam. Final usage was as a Space Re-Entry Trainer with NASA at Edwards AFB. Decommissioned December 1973; on static display George AFB December 1973. To Museum of Flight June 1992.  This airplane was moved to the Great Gallery at the Main Museum in March 1998. It is now hung in flight configuration.

Boeing B-52G Airplane 59-2584 Delivered 9 Oct 1960; retired 23 Sept 1991. Flew combat missions SE Asia 1973. This airplane was moved from the Boeing ramp to the airport south ramp in October 1998. It can be seen through the fence behind the airport fire station, north of the BF Goodrich/Tramco facility.
Pictures and Information here

Chance-Vought F7U-3 Cutlass  BuNo 129554. This airplane sat outside at Berryman War Memorial Park in Bridgeport, Washington for 33 years from 1958 to 1992, but is now being restored for flight!

Chance-Vought XF8U-1 Crusader  BuNo 138899. This airplane was the first Crusader built, out of a production run of 1259 airplanes. It made its first flight 25 March 1955, and went supersonic on its first flight. It is being restored for display.
Pictures and Information here

Boeing 747-122  Cockpit cab section from United Air Lines airplane N4723U

Lockheed Jetstar  Original Prototype of Lockheed Model 1329 Jetstar.  Only airplane with two, instead of four engines, and single main wheels. Personal airplane of great Lockheed designer Kelly Johnson. Under active restoration to airworthy condition.   More info here.

Lockheed P-80C Shooting Star (actually a Navy TV-2) - currently disassembled - awaiting restoration.

McDonnell Douglas AV- 8 Harrier  BuNo 158977 - Jet fighter - flown by the U.S. Marine Corps
(Currently in front of Main Museum.)

North American T-28  USAF 91495 - N2800A  Two seat single piston engine trainer

Sikorsky S-62   USCG HH-52A Helicopter, USCG # 1415 decommissioned from Port Angeles Coast Guard Station

Vertol H-21C Work Horse Helicopter 53-4329 (last tail number 0-34329.) Last served with Alaskan Air Command.  On skis.

SR-71A Blackbird - nose section of aircraft 64-17977 written off in landing accident at Beale AFB 10 Oct 1968.
  (This unit has been moved to the Main Museum.)

Grumman F4F Wildcat Actually a General Motors FM-2. BuNo 74512 Serial Nbr 4704. Under active restoration. 

Antonov AN-2  N61SL  Polar 1 - Flew over North Pole 1998  Pictures and Information

Heath Parasol  Early (1926) kit built airplane design by legendary Heathkit designer Edward Heath. See here.

Link Trainers - restored and operational

Lear Model 23 Learjet    Gate guard at entrance to airport and Restoration Facility.

Bowers Fly-Baby    The very first Fly-Baby, built by legendary aviation designer, pilot, writer and historian Pete Bowers.

Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter - famous Viet-Nam era chopper in near combat condition.

Stinson Voyager 150 N97626. This airplane is airworthy.

USAF Cessna O-2A (Model 337 Skymaster) USAF 67-21363 FAA registr: N18BB. Airworthy; flies regularly. This airplane flew about 3000 hours of combat air time primarily as a FAC (Forward Air Controller) during the Viet Nam war.

British Aerospace Jet Provost  NX4107U;  XW307. Airworthy.  (This airplane has been sold and is no longer at the Museum.)

Boeing IUS - Inertial Upper Stage Rocket Stage

Fouga CM-170 Magister N505DM (FM-36) French twin engine basic jet trainer. Airworthy

Howard 1942 originally US Navy GH-1. In heavy maintenance. Airworthy

Bolus Baby Albatross N256051939 wooden homebuilt sailplane.

Taylorcraft 'A' NC19893 Classic C.G. Taylor design, after the Cub. Side-by-side airplane similar to the Cub, built in 1937, one of over 1837 airplanes built. Continental A-40A engine. Cruise 82 mph; range 240 miles.

Dornier DO-27 built in 1956. First post-war German design to enter mass-production. Produced through 1964; 568 airplanes built. In Luftwaffe markings. Restored by Dornier. Engine 270 hp Lycoming. Top speed 135 kts. Range 450 NM. Max Takeoff weight 3300 lbs. Takeoff distance at max gross less than 300 feet.  (This airplane is no longer at the Restoration Center.)

Cascade Kasperwing - ultralight design by Steve Grossruck, in float configuration. Cruise speed 33 mph. Takeoff distance = 50 feet.

LET LF-107 LUNAK (Kite)  N 2170D  Czech glider produced from 1948-1951. 75 built. Max dive speed 217 mph. Donated by Mira Slovak.

Fournier RF-4D  N1700  Powered glider designed by Frenchman Rene Founier. Built in Germany by Sportavia-Putze. Powered by 40 hp VW/Rectima engine. Speed 44-130 mph. This aircraft was donated to the museum by Mira Slovak, who flew it twice across the Atlantic. In original Mira Slovak markings.

Pratt-Read PR-G1  US Navy LNE-1 to USAAC as TG-32 N60353 S/N 13. One of 75 gliders built for Navy. 2 seat. Type established altitude record of 44,255 feet in 1952.  This aircraft is under active restoration in the balcony.

Stevens Acro - Aerobatic kit plane

US Army Jetcopter Hiller YH-32 Horne 55-4969. Experimental 2-man helicopter with blade-tip ramjet engines. 
(Moved to Main Museum.)

Boeing B-17G  Lower Ball Turret

Consolidated B-24  Top Turret

Kenworth Fire Truck - Early Boeing crash truck fully restored and operational.

Numerous aircraft engines, including:


Allison V-1710-91 (Rolls-Royce Merlin derivative) used in P-51 Mustang

Pratt & Whitney R-4360 - complete nacelle from Boeing Stratocruiser, including prop.

While at Paine Field, visit Boeing's Everett Plant Tour Center, at the largest aircraft plant in the world.
Note:  This once free tour now has an admission charge.

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