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As a long-time aviation buff, and a retired career Boeing employee, I have gradually expanded my volunteer activities with the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  I have been active in the Museum's activities since before it was a museum, originally joining the Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation (PNAHF) in about 1965.  My involvement has included acquisition (many, including the Concorde), overhaul (B-29 Fi Fi), maintenance (NASA 515 - the Boeing 737 Prototype), flying (B-17 N17W), restoration (Boeing 727 Prototype N7001U), dismantling (FedEx 727 N124FE), and conservation (Boeing B-52G.)

At the present time, I am responsible for the care and feeding of 8 airplanes in various conditions and stages of  repair or dis-repair.  And I need help!  Like the Marines, I'm looking for a few good people, including Crew Chiefs, who will be responsible for an individual airplane.  Many levels of volunteer involvement can be accomodated, as can many levels of experience and skills.  Some folks may have deep backgrounds in aviation, A&P licenses, and experience on particular airplanes.  But others are needed to clean interiors and exteriors, to monitor heating and air conditioning equipment, to organize activities, keep records, make plans, call other volunteers.  In other words, many skills.  The rewards are many.  Preservation of historic aircraft.  Hands-on involvement with large aircraft - an experience some people may never have had before, or one which they had while working and wish to not give up.  And the satisfaction that comes with volunteering one's time and efforts for a worthwhile cause.  Volunteer hours can, perhaps, be accomodated to each individual's circumstances.

But, in the end, we're probably talking about pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, ticket agents, factory workers, and enthusiasts who have helped build, fly, maintain, and love the great airplanes in our collection.  If you're interested, send me an e-mail, and we'll get the ball rolling.

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Some of my charges  can be seen below.  Can I Welcome You Aboard?

Boeing 727 Prototype
  Boeing 727 Prototype N7001U
Boeing 737 Prototype
 Boeing 737 Prototype  NASA 515
Boeing 747 Prototype
  Boeing 747 Prototype (RA001)
Air Force One
 Air Force One (Boeing 707)
 British Airways Concorde G-BOAG
Boeing B-52G 
Boeing B-52G   59-2584 (Midnight Express)
American Airlines Boeing 727-223
 American Airlines Boeing 727-223
FedEx 727-25C
 FedEx 727-25C   N124FE - Scrapped

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