Kelly Johnson
Aircraft Designer - Extraordinaire
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Kelly Johnson
I believe in heroes.  I have quite a few.  Kelly Johnson is one of them.  He was the greatest aircraft designer of all time.  Period.

Besides his aircraft prowess, he was a helluva guy.  A helluva manager.  His airplanes were built in record short time, by tiny workforces, at low cost.

We could learn a lot from him today.......a lot.

   Kelly - 1933

In the University of Michigan wind tunnel with the early Model 10 Electra.  He disputed the Wind Tunnel Lab Report on stability with a single vertical fin, pioneered the trademark Lockheed twin tail design, and got hired by Lockheed.

   Working in Flight Test during Model 10 Electra testing - c. late 1930s

   Kelly and P-38 Fighter Pilot - c.1944

   Kelly with Model of P-80 Shooting Star - c.1948

 Shaking hands with Tony LeVier in the YP-80

   With a line up of P-80 Shooting Stars

   Kelly in the cockpit of an F-104

  Kelly receiving the Collier Trophy for the F-104 from then Vice-President Richard Nixon

   Kelly with his new Jetstar -  September 1957

   First Flight of the Jetstar

   Kelly with Francis Gary Powers in front of a U-2A

   Kelly in front of CIA U-2 N803X

 Kelly in front of a U-2 and an F-104

As Tony LeVier said, "One had NO wing, and the other was ALL wing!"

   Kelly with YF-12A


Kelly receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Lynden Johnson at The White House - America's Highest Civilian Award

   Kelly in cockpit of A-12B

   Kelly in front of an SR-71


Kelly receiving the National Security Medal from  President Ronald Reagan

Kelly Johnson - An American Treasure


Read about Kelly's life here - a bio by Ben Rich for the National Academy of Sciences

Lord of the Skunk Works - A Kelly Bio by Walter Boyne for the Air Force Assn

Head Skunk - a Kelly Bio by Peter Garrison for Kelly's 100th Birthday - Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

A nice collection of photos and Kelly memorabilia

Comments and more photos or information? - write me.

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