Jetstar Move

Jetstar Prototype at B.C.I.T. in Vancouver

The Museum's airplane was obtained from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, B.C. on a long-term lease agreement.  Like many other Canadian aviation institutions, the Museum has had an on-going excellent relationship with the B.C.I.T.

The airplane was originally delivered to the BCIT 20 August 1982.  The pilot was Ray Goudey, pilot of the first flight 25 years before.  On board for the last flights, from Burbank to the Abbottsford, B.C. Airshow, and then on to Vancouver International, was Kelly Johnson, designer and retired head of the famed Lockheed Skunk Works.  During the short hop from Abbottsford to YVR, the airplane performed between 3 and 6 aileron rolls, a maneuver Ray loved to do in N329J.

Donation of this airplane to the BCIT was part of an 'offset' agreement between Lockheed and the Canadian government tied to the purchase of CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol airplanes (Canadian version of P-3 Orion.)


Disassembly at B.C.I.T.  The registration, N9747P, is not an active registration on the U.S. Registry, and is believed to have been applied for filming of a movie.

 The airplane was moved from the Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) to Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, Washington, on 28 April 2006.

   Waiting at the border..........

    Arrival at Paine Field  28 April 2006


Unloading at the Restoration Center

   Wings and engines

Jetstar Tail    Arrival of the tail assembly -- 12 May 2006

   In new temporary home --  More Photos Here

The Jetstar was delivered to BCIT on 20 August 1982. Total time on the airframe is 2,479 hrs. Power is provided by two Bristol Siddley Orpheus 810D turbojets rated at 4,850 lbs thrust. Left engine has 136 hours, right engine is 640. The fuselage is equipped with an electronics bay for the telemetry equipment that was installed for the chase plane assignments on the SR-71 program.

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Photos courtesy of T. C. Howard, Tom Cathcart, Jim Goodall

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