Super Connie CF-TGE
Wing and Landing Gear Installation

On the rainy evening of Oct. 26, 2007, CF-TGE was lifted by cranes, and using a combination of cradles, cranes, and jacks,  was mated with her inboard wing panels.  The wing splice points had been reworked and repaired to allow the installation.

Definitely looking like an airplane again, the Lovely  Lady has aircraft jacks installed at her normal jacking points.


The three overhauled landing gears, with their new tubes and tires, were installed, and the airplane was lowered onto her landing gear.


In the light of day.....  Is she beautiful, or what !!!???

"Gear Down and Locked.  Three Green!"

Likely for the first time in decades, the airplane will now be mobile again, capable of being towed on her own landing gear.
  Yes!  She actually needs wheel chocks for the first time in 42 years.
  Next stop - Inside a warm, dry hangar!

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