The Big Tow and into the Hangar

On Friday, 2 Nov 2007,  on her newly refurbished landing gear, wheels and tires, a tug with a DC-8 towbar was hooked up, the chocks were  pulled, and the Lovely Lady  began her first "normal" land journey since 1965.  No cranes.  No slings.  No cradles.  No flatbed trucks.  And what a beautiful day for a beautiful Lady.

At the end of the operation, CF-TGE found herself back under cover, in an operational aircraft hangar, next to an in-service jetliner many years her junior.  With grace and beauty, like an especially elegant dowager, she took her place, as if by right, and as an equal, in the house built for big flying machines.  It seemed as if the previous nearly half a century of neglect and deterioration had never happened, as she reasserted her beauty and her birthright.  Truly born again.

  Now she will be warm, safe and sound in her snug home when the snow flakes begin to fly.

Towbar hooked up, tug in position, chocks pulled.  "Brakes Off!"  Ooops, I forgot.  There are no brakes......

So impressive is her appearance, that sudden, fleeting thoughts of her returning to the skies dart through my consciousness.  Alas, that is not to be.  But, her presence, for future generations to admire, seems assured.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Lacey, Tim Bucholz, Dave G.,  of Empire Aero Center, Rome, NY

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