On the Ramp
Constellation CF-TGE

 In July 2008, the Connie was moved out onto the ramp for final repairs while two Boeing 777s were being painted in her hangar. Seeing her outside was like an apparition from  another time and another place.

There, in the early morning mists of July 8, 2008  -- stands a Super G, preparing for the day's flights....

Get closer - you hear the sounds of mechanics speaking and wrenches turning - those are no ghosts

Hey!  This is a big airplane !

The sights, the smells are coming back to me

That gorgeous nose

That one and only Connie tail

On the ramp with a 747 - equals

The Connie was Fast - you can see why

Eye Candy






These are the tires from N7001U - the 727 Prototype - on two historic aircraft !






She looks like she could be starting up for a flight - --  "Starting Three, Turning Three"

Rebirth of the Trans-Canada Super G Constellation  --  CF-TGE

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