Super Constellation CF-TGE
Interior Views
Cockpit and Cabin

Considering the  decades that  CF-TGE sat abandoned, open to vandals or "acquisitive" aircraft mechanics, or "collectors", exposed to the elements, and varmints, in farm fields, etc., the interior of the airplane has survived in remarkably good condition. "Soft "items, like cabin ceiling and sidewall liners, that in my experience with other airplanes in similar situations, are usually in a state of complete ruin, are  in  very good condition.  Likewise, bulkheads,  the galley and lavatories.  The passenger seats, although not original, are aircraft seats.  The insides were never gutted to make her into a freighter, or a chicken-coop.


The state of preservation of the cockpit is especially astonishing.  Airplanes with this background and history are  normally panels full of empty holes or  instruments with broken glass.  One of the main job of restorers is chasing down hard-to-find replacement instruments.  As the airplane passed through its various owners and situations, it somehow escaped the cruel fate so many of her sisterships suffered.  Much of the credit for the current condition belongs to Phillip Yull and his group of volunteers that performed the restaurant refurbishment in the summer of 1996 - see here.

Forward Panels


Aisle Stand


Overhead Panel

Flight Engineer's Panel


Crew Door and Aft Bulkhead Panel


Radio Racks




See the curtains?  Yes, before the 707 invented  roll-up shades, airplanes had curtains!





The Connie had great lavs.  Two long, big ones in the tail.  With big sink and make-up areas separate from the  toilets.

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