Museum of Flight - Lockheed Super G Constellation Photos

The  Museum of Flight in Seattle has acquired a Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation.  The aircraft was delivered originally to Trans Canada Air Lines (TCA) in 1954, and retired by them in 1962.  It was delivered as  CF-TGE (originally delivered as an L-1049C, later modified to L-1049G standard.)  It will be displayed in  a glorious place of honor in the Air Park adjacent to some magnificent other airplanes.  

CF-TGE at the Toronto Airport - Summer 2005



An $800,000 complete interior refurb was accomplished including installation of new seats

Museum of Flight photos

Between May 1954 and 1963, TCA  operated 14 1049s:
    Five 1049Cs:    CF-TGA to CF-TGE
    Three 1049Es:  CF-TGF to CF-TGH
    Four 1049Gs:    CF-TEU to CF-TEX
    Two 1049Hs:     CF-TEY and CF-TEZ

Foreground CF-TGF

In the factory -  Read the story of the new airplane in Canadian Aviation here.

    Super C  ( L-1049C )

  Super G ( L-1049G )

  Near Burbank 1954
Air Canada Photo

CF-TGD - YVR - Mel Lawrence Photo



  CF-TGE  Being moved to St. Jean Port Joli, Quebec  - 1 July  1985

  CF-TGE moved to Toronto Airport June 1996
Tom Grant photo

Tom Grant photo

Colors in detail for modelers can be found here:

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