Aloha Airlines - Mahalo Nui Loa

On March 31st, 2008, Aloha Airlines ceased operations.  I was going to write something at the time, but I was too moved.   I still am.  Aloha was a great little airline. After six years there,  I knew all her employees, from top to bottom.  All her airplanes - rivet by rivet.  Her demise was too painful then, and it still is. Maybe, ....maybe, someday, I'll write some more about her.

Aloha Airlines

 I have been fortunate enough to work with many airlines over a lifetime of working with some of the world's greatest air carriers.  Some big.  Some small.  Some casually.  Some in depth.  Pacific Northern (PNA), Wien Air Alaska,  Northern Consolidated; Western.  Pan Am,  Eastern.  Seaboard World and Trans Carib.  BWIA.  Oh my,  --  Nordair and Eastern Provincial.  Canadian Pacific and Wardair and Transair and Pacific Western.  Quebecair.  Air Micronesia,  Air America, and Air Siam.  Piedmont... wonderful Piedmont..  The list is a  lot longer.  Sometimes, when I was in a reminiscing mood, I'd volunteer that of them all, only Aloha was still left standing.  Ten little Indians.  Now, well, now  there are none. 

I know, an old fogey, living in the past.  Well, for the rest of your old fogeys out there - on my address list, you know, you know what I know, those days, indeed, were the best.

Here's a  video that's pretty good - not the best - but it tells the story (in this case, Northwest.)   Until I gather the intestinal fortitude to face the sadness of this once happy, now forlorn past, and create something of my own, will have to do.  Enjoy the great music.

Bob Bogash


Aloha Airlines - Mahalo Nui Loa.


HONOLULU Aloha Airlines announced today that it will be shutting down its inter-island and transpacific passenger flight operations. Aloha's last day of operations will be Monday, March 31, 2008. On that day, Aloha will operate its schedule with the exception of flights from Hawaii to the West Coast and flights from Orange County to Reno and Sacramento, and Oakland to Las Vegas. Code-share partner United Airlines and other airlines are prepared to assist and accommodate Aloha's passengers who have been inconvenienced.

For more information on United's accommodation options, contact United at 1-800-UNITED1 or Passengers who do not wish to be re-accommodated by another airline should contact their travel agent or credit card company to request a refund. Effective immediately, Aloha will stop selling tickets for travel beyond March 31, 2008.

The shutdown of Aloha's passenger operations will affect about 1,900 employees. Aloha also announced that its air cargo and aviation services units will continue to operate as usual while the U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeks bids from potential buyers. On March 27, 2008, Saltchuk Resources, Inc., announced its intention to buy Aloha's air cargo business.

This is an incredibly dark day for Hawaii, said David A. Banmiller, Aloha's president and chief executive officer. Despite the groundswell of support from the community and our elected officials, we simply ran out of time to find a qualified buyer or secure continued financing for our passenger business. We had no choice but to take this action.

We deeply regret the impact this will have on our dedicated employees who have made Aloha one of the best operating airlines in the country. Aloha Airlines was founded in 1946 to give Hawaii's people a choice in inter-island air transportation.

Unfortunately, unfair competition has succeeded in driving us out of business, bringing to an end a 61-year-old company with a proud legacy of serving millions of travelers in the true spirit of Aloha. We realize that this comes as a devastating disappointment to our frequent flyers and our loyal business partners who have supported this company for many, many years.

Aloha Air calls it quits after bankruptcy

The airline says it will end passenger service succumbing to fierce competition and surging fuel prices.

 Aloha Air will end passenger service Monday after tough competition and surging fuel costs pushed the airline into bankruptcy.


HONOLULU (AP) -- Aloha Airlines said Sunday it will halt all passenger service after Monday, signaling the end of an airline that has served Hawaii for more than 60 years.

 Aloha, which filed for bankruptcy for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 21, was a casualty of fierce competition and rising fuel prices. The airline said it will stop taking reservations for flights after Monday.

 "We simply ran out of time to find a qualified buyer or secure continued financing for our passenger business," said Aloha President David Banmiller in a statement. "We had no choice but to take this action."

 Aloha has suffered since Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group Inc. launched a new interisland carrier called go! airlines in 2006, triggering a local airfare war.

 Banmiller didn't mentioned go! by name in his statement, but did blame the company's demise on rival companies.

 "Unfortunately, unfair competition has succeeded in driving us out of business," he said.

 Rising fuel prices, which have forced other airlines to raise fares and look for ways to cut expenses, also made it difficult for Aloha to operate.

 Aloha said tickets for flights after Monday will not be honored. It said it is working to have United Airlines accommodate passengers with tickets for Aloha's mainland to Hawaii flights. It hopes to seat those with interisland tickets on Hawaiian Airlines.

 Aloha has canceled Monday flights from Hawaii to the West Coast and between several cities in California and Nevada. It's last day for interisland travel will be Monday.

 Aloha advised passengers who don't want to fly another airline and who want a refund to contact their travel agents or credit card companies. Those who paid by cash or check may file a claim in bankruptcy court.

 The shutdown will affect about 1,900 employees. The company said air cargo services are to continue.

 A Seattle company on Thursday offered to buy Aloha's cargo operations for an undisclosed amount. But Saltchuk Resources Inc. said it wasn't interested in taking over Aloha's passenger business.

 Aloha Airlines was founded in 1946.

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