More Pictures of the Plant II Final Move

 The fences are down on both sides of the street.  The landscaping and covered walkways have been removed.
Boeing's large 737 Flight Line hangar has the back removed for a three airplane drive-through.

The historic Plant II ramp awaits the passage of the final three airplanes.


I commune with her in the darkness before the workers arrive - it's 1:08 AM
The ghosts of thousands of airplanes and thousands of workers talk to us from the shadows.

A half hour later and the lights turn on

2:48 AM and the tug hooks up

3:06 AM and she dips her toe outside into this new (and wet) world

Across the historic ramp  

Aiming for the Boeing hangar  

And, across East Marginal Way at 3:20 AM


Next up is the B-17  

The historic door is raised

 The airplane sniffs the cool and damp night air  

And moves out - the last B-17 ever to leave this plant.

 Finally, she is staged behind the Connie for the trip across the street.

 Across East Marginal Way.  

And through the Boeing hangar.


Last out is the B-29  - "T-Square 54"

Across East Marginal Way

I snapped this one through my rear view mirror

Into the Boeing hangar

 Looking for all the world as if she's ready to fly a mission.

3:45 AM - The historic move is over - the wrecking ball awaits.......

Copyright 2010 Robert Bogash.  All Rights Reserved

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