Charley Horse Ranch
Snohomish, Washington


Some Views

Five grand Sugar Maples I planted along the drive..... just so they would look like this in the Fall


The Barn  ........  Summer and Fall


It doesn't snow often -- when it does.......grab your camera!

Some of Our Critters








The Sheep - we had about 125 at the max

The ewes - waiting for their supper

Dot - leading her lambs out to the front pasture


Nbr 5 Ewe and her 4 lambs - 2 of her own, and 2 grafted.  Oh, what a job, being a Mom!

In those days we used to allow some of them around the house!


            A View from Above

The view from a satellite


The view from an airplane....Looking East (left) and Northeast (right)


The driveway


The pastures


The house


The woods


The barn, and kitchen stained glass window I designed and helped make

I like to cook...... this is the late afternoon view over the range
Charley Horse Ranch - memories so cherished and so sweet  -- Adieu!

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