TCA Super Connie CF-TGE

Whether it's old cars, houses, or airplanes, after a lot of elbow grease and hard work repairing and preparing, comes the fun part of the project.  The painting.  With proper preparation, a magic transformation begins as  paint is applied, turning what was old into something that is new again.


Starting with a plastic model kit


And using faded old drawings from Air Canada's files - and original markings discovered during paint stripping.

After 15 months of repairs were completed, the airplane was prepared for priming.

The airplane bare skins look rough


A youngster - a half century junior, also from Air Canada, watches as the transformation begins


Starting at the nose.....and working to the tail


This looks so good - maybe we should stop here.  Just kidding!

For corrosion protection, the entire airplane will be painted.  Gloss on the nacelles and lower fuselage, grey on the wings, with a white top.



Gloss nacelles really turned out nice!

Now for the stripes and decal maskings


Painting the red

Stripping the maskings


The Lovely Lady is truly Lovely once more....

Born again !

Out of the paint hangar and on to the ramp


Do you believe in miracles?

The Miracle Workers

Note:  A few logos, black paint stripes, and black nose anti-glare shield still to be applied.

Photos courtesy of Janet Dietz, Kevin Lacey, Empire Aero.
 Used with permission.
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