CF-TGE with M. Ferrand at St.-Marc des Carrieres
December 1968 - June 1985

December 1968 was an especially cold month in Montreal, with a lot of snow - even for that city.  It was that month when a man named M. Ferrand acquired ownership of CF-TGE (CF-RNR.)  It is very much unknown from whom he acquired the title from.  In any event, his idea was to move the airplane to the small town of  St-Marc des Carrieres, NE of Montreal on the North shore of the St. Lawrence River.  Removing the hulk was, I'm sure, welcomed by all those associated with the old airplane, and, I'm sure, the airport authorities.  I was living in Montreal at the time and working at Dorval Airport, only a stone's throw from where the aircraft had become derelict since the failure of World Wide.  I remember watching Nordair mechanics scrounge parts off the airplane (to support their four Super Connies), when it was situated at the north end of the hangar line, but I don't recall the disassembly and removal of the aircraft.  It must have been quite an operation to take it apart and move it during that particular winter.

Alain St-Pierre

This is a picture of sistership CF-TGC, even more picked clean and derelict, outside the World Wide hangar on an unknown date.

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