Transport from Rome, New York to Seattle, Washington
August - September 2009

Following the Old-Timer's Reunion, ex-TCA Super G Constellation CF-TGE was moved out of the EAC hangars for the last time and positioned on the ramp for disassembly and transport to Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington.

Unlike the poor 747 which she has come face-to-face with, CF-TGE has been saved.
The 747 is destined to be scrapped.

Janet Dietz

Our contractor - World Wide Aircraft Recovery - arrives on site and begins preparations.


Tail off - hopefully for the last time in this airplane's life!

Compare this to the last time we did this in Toronto! 20 Feb 2006



Hope they don't plan driving down the road like that !

Janet Dietz

Tail, Tip Tanks , and Prop Spinners Removed



Nose Gear Removed

      Janet Dietz

With the Outboard Wing Panels, Landing Gear, and Nacelles removed, the airplane Fuselage and Inboard wings are lowered onto a Low-Boy Trailer.


Inboard Wing Panels Removed

        Pat Malin

Loading the Inboard Wings - and measuring height above the pavement

Fuselage loaded


    Pat Malin

On the Road again......

Monday morning 24 Aug 2009 - 11:00 AM  Rome, NY - Headin' Out!

Backroads R' Us - Passing through Howard, NY

or is it Hornell, NY, or Terra Haute, Indiana.  I actually got three emails each claiming a different town!

What's a'matter?  Didn't you ever see a Super G come through town before?  Evidence is in - it's Howard, NY.


Time for a Pit Stop and a little Number 2 Diesel.  Why's everyone looking at us???

Over the river

It's Friday, 28 August - we've come 1000 miles - so this must be, it is - Farmer City, Illinois

Tonite we spend in Avoca, Iowa - and tomorrow, we take a day off.

QUESTION:  Why all these back-road routings off the Interstates?

SHORT ANSWER: Summer construction season creates numerous construction zone width restrictions, including major closures and narrowings.

LONG ANSWER:  The Routings are determined by the various State Highway Road Departments and are provided to the Trucker (for a "fee" of course.)  The entire 3800 mile trip required a routings bundle an inch thick.  Besides routings, they include permitted travel times and days.

Here's an example:  Wanna go from Omaha, Nebraska (on the east end of the state) to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming (on the west end of the state?  No problem!  Get on I-80 and don't get off.  Easy!

Wrong!!!  Here's the assigned Oversize Trip ticket from Nebraska

All that can be said about this is that it starts and ends at I-80.  And, it cost almost $700 !

For the cost of the Trip Ticket, you'd think it would be accurate, or useful.  Wrong again.  These routings frequently lead onto dead end roads, low bridges or overpasses, and sharp corners, requiring backing the entire rig, and/or convoy, and determining a re-route on-the-fly.  To be legal, these need to be re-negotiated with the road department, with an amended Permit issued.

At one location in Nebraska, the routing led up and over the Union Pacific three track mainline, with a steep approach to the crossing on both sides - a situation which would have high-centered the low-boy trailer, damaging it, and shutting down the UP's mainline.

Some of these re-routings were extensive and delay-causing, and in one case required a back-track of about 100 miles.

Here's what a tight and sharp corner can do for you!

For those of you who kept emailing me and asking "What's the routing?", or "Why the screwy routing?" --
 well, now, you know!

Meanwhile, in Seattle - could it be?  It is!

The First Connie trailer truck - driving north on East Marginal Way past the Air Park !

Into Boeing Plant II with Tip Tanks and Nacelles

By Golly, the Connie is REALLY coming !

Monday - Aug 31, 2009 - Outboard wing panels arrived Seattle - stowed with Tip Tanks in Plant II

Back out with the Oversize Loads

If this is Iowa, that must be Corn!


A fill-up at the aptly named Wings America Truck Stop in Avoca, Iowa followed by a day off for the crew on Saturday.

    Sue Nelson

Beside's "Bob's Army" of Connie lovers out there taking pictures all over the countryside, I've received many photos from people who just happened to "see an airplane drive by" and found me on the Internet.  Like the picture above, with the attached Note:

Hi there Bob,

I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and while heading home from my work in Iowa City, Iowa, I was getting on to Hwy 218 North / I-380 North, and was shocked to see a PLANE getting on ahead of me, with the wings right along with it. I was amazed. As I caught up to it, I snapped the attached picture with my cell phone. (Cell phone camera, rain, and me driving all account for the poor quality picture, but I had to have proof!!) I sent it to family and friends……they were all amazed as well!! One friend has a father that was a pilot (and retired from Rockwell Collins) so she sent him the picture, figuring he’d enjoy it. Apparently he was very interested in the picture and started researching…….he had a hunch that it was a “Connie”. And sure enough, one week later, he has your website with identification of the plane I saw. I was so excited to find out so much about it!!! The one Iowa picture that talks about corn is actually RIGHT WHERE I WAS when I first saw the plane. I swear your cameraman had to be riding on top of my van!!! Anyway, just thought you’d like the picture……..I feel proud to have seen a piece of history!!

 Sue Nelson,
Reliance Title Services

Sunday - 30 Aug 2009 -- We're off for Ogallala, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska

      Krista Stotz

Wonder what this Prairie Dog sees that's so doggone interesting?

      Krista Stotz

Guess he's never seen a Super G flying this low before....

    Krista Stotz

R.O.N. Sunday 30 Aug 2009 - Ogallala, Nebraska
Hope those drivers stayed out of that Crystal Palace Saloon....

Next  -  Crossing Wyoming - hoping to make Boise, Idaho

    Dave Birkley

CF-TGE stopping in Boise, Idaho -  Weds 2 Sept 2009

    Dave Birkley

Next stop - Richland, Washington

Oversize load restrictions in Washington will mean not much travel on Thursday.

Update!  We made it through the restricted zones early.  R.O.N. tonight - North Bend, Washington

Update Again!  First Richland.  Then North Bend.  Finally, the convoy stopped Thursday night in Ellensburg, Washington

    James via Krista Stotz
Ellensburg, Washington - one more leg to go....

Expected route into Seattle - I-90, then south on I-405 around the bottom of the Lake.

Current ETA at the Museum - Friday midday

Note:  The airplane will be moved into Boeing Plant II for re-assembly and interim, but prolonged under-cover storage, pending arrangements for final display.  Hence, this will be the only opportunity to view the airplane for some time.

11:00 AM PDT - Friday 4 Sept 2009 - Arrival at the Museum of Flight in Seattle !

For full photo coverage of the arrival - click here.

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Photos copyright: Bob Bogash, MOF, WWAR, Janet Dietz, Pat Malin,  Krista Stotz, Dave Birkley, Sue Nelson, James

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