The People of Super Connie CF-TGE

Many people played a part in the life of Super Connie CF-TGE.  Here are some, but not all, of the players.

Kelly Johnson (Right)  and Hall Hibbard - Lockheed Designers of the Constellation

Bertrand Cammirand - St. Jean Port Joli, Quebec

Phillip Yull - Toronto

Catherine Scott

The  Winter 2006 Disassemble Crew - Toronto

Andy - Toronto Lead

GTAA - Greater Toronto Airport Authority - a constant - and expensive - harassment

The Toronto Crane Crew

The June 2007 Move Prep Crew

The June 2007 Move Crew

Kevin Lacey - "The Tin Man" - Empire Aero Lead Sheet Metal Mechanic

Tom Cathcart, Kevin Lacey,  Bob Bogash   - July 2007 Rome, NY

Randy Buol - Empire Aero Vice-President of Maintenance and Tim Bucholz - Connie Lead Mechanic

Kevin and some of his crew

More - Kevin and his Final Paint crew

    Ken Swartz
Kevin and Bob - the two main trouble-makers

Former Pilots of CF-TGE - Jay Fancott,  David Robinson, (TCA), Clint Ward (World Wide)

 Ken Swartz
Retired Canadian aviation pioneers who worked on Connies 50 years ago

The Rome, NY to Seattle Move Crew - August 2009

Mission Accomplished!  3800 miles in 11 days

The Boeing - Into Plant II - Move Crew - September 2009

Robert Milton - former CEO of Air Canada

Chris Longridge - retired Boeing exec

(L) David Longridge - former Boeing salesman for Air Canada
(R) Bonnie Dunbar - former CEO of the Museum of Flight

My wife Dot - who put up with all the time I spent with some gal named "Connie"

Catherine Scott - Our Lady of the Constellation

Gene Slate and Cederic Daniels - Boeing move crew - Sept 2010

Tom Cathcart - Museum Chief of Aircraft

 Part of the Everett volunteers Connie Prop Overhaul Crew - Jim Jackson in the right photo is 95 years old young!

 Ken Swartz
Bob Bogash - Project Manager

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