I've loved country, rural life, and farms for most of my life.  I think I seriously fell in love when I went to college and it was just a short drive out of town into the open fields, fences, and grazing livestock.  And, of course, the farmhouses.  But especially - the barns.  Barns are buildings with character.  Whether fancy or run-down, or even abandoned - they exude character.  They scream hard work and hard living.  They echo with the sounds and smells of life - the animals that were born there, lived there, died there.  The sweet smells of new hay and fresh manure.  The hard work and long hours put in by those who lived and worked there.  The boards rubbed smooth by many feeding necks.  The tools worn smooth by callused hands.

Charley Horse Ranch

Let me start - appropriately - with our barn.  Appropriately painted barn red with white trim, along with a red farm house with white fences - a long time dream come true and our home for almost 30 years.  And a fine barn it was -  and as noted above - the site of much life and lots of hard work!

Among other things, I'm a frustrated painter wanna-be, and have always wanted to paint - paint landscapes, paint pictures of rural scenes - and paint pictures of old barns.  After we bought our farm, I finally got to "paint barns" - but not, it turned out, on canvas - but using a ladder and a bucket!  But, also being an avid photographer, I took lots of pictures of old barns.  As I drove around, I could see many of them - once grand - collapsing, forlorn, into the landscape.  So I photographed them - to allow me to use them as painting models someday - but also to record their history before they disappeared.  As I digitize my collection, I hope to keep adding to the on-line collection.  I hope you enjoy them as I do.

I never got around to the painting part - I still hope to do that - but I've acquired lots of barn pictures.  And here are a few - for others to admire, and, maybe, for some to use as models for their paintings.  That would please me greatly.  Send me a note and a copy if you do.

There's a lot of living that went on in these buildings....





Oh.....if these old buildings could only talk - what stories they'd tell.