Boeing B-47

Boeing B-47

The Boeing B-47 Stratojet bomber was one of the most important airplanes ever built - and - one of the most beautiful.


What is it they say? - First Impressions are Everything, because you never get a second chance....

    The B-47 is 60 !   Click here for more.

My very first ever model airplane - a Strombecker B-47 - about 1950 - wood, of course.....

The B-47, developed in just 17 months from contract signing to first flight,  was Boeing's attempt to wring the benefits out of the new technologies of jet propulsion and swept wings.  To successfully incorporate these features meant solving a wide range of new aerodynamic and configuration issues that were encountered.

To see how revolutionary Boeing's solutions were, one need only compare Boeing's airplane with competing designs from other major manufacturers.

    North American B-45 - a B-25 on steroids

    Convair XB-46 - hmmmm

    Martin XB-48 - a jet powered B-26?

These airplanes, along with the later Martin XB-51, show just how difficult it was to find a place, for, among other things, the engines.  They were installed in the same places that piston engines had been installed, or buried in the fuselage, or hung from it.

    Martin XB-51

Some major design decisions

A 35 degree wing sweep was selected as optimal for performance - about the  sweep widely used in follow-on airplanes.

The B-47 hung the engines from both short and longer wing pylons - a configuration used universally ever since.


A swinging motion called Dutch Roll was solved using an active rudder control system called a yaw damper.

High speed nose pitch up resulting from outboard wing boundary layer separation was solved by vortex generators.

Aileron reversal due to flexing of a flexible wing was solved by using wing spoilers for both roll control and as speed brakes.
(Although designed and tested on the B-47, spoilers found their first home on a Boeing airplane on the B-52.)

Long landing field lengths were addressed with tail mounted ribbon parachutes, and a powerful anti-skid braking system.

B-52H landing at Nellis AFB - November 2007

See -->> the Spoilers and the Drag Chute

The B-47 also pioneered airborne refueling technology widely used in subsequent airplanes.

And much more.......

Some more pictures of the Museum's B-47





Our airplane - 35 years  --  waiting for greatness...............

 WB-47E  51-7066 arrived at Boeing Field in October 1969 marking the last flight of a weather Stratojet.

The Museum, as we know it, did not exist.  It would be a long time for her to achieve the prominence she deserved......
longer than she was in service.....but, .....all good things come to those who wait

For, literally, decades, she sat in an obscure corner of the Boeing military ramp.......


Rather forlorn, but, nonetheless, saved, and awaiting her place of honor

Today, she has arrived at her rightful place in history

Glorious, simply glorious

Technical details:

Model Boeing B-47E-75-BW Stratojet

Constructor Number    450609

Air Force Serial Number:    51-7066

Roll-out Date:    TBD

FIrst Flight:    TBD

Retired        October 1969

Production Location:    WIBAC (Boeing Wichita)

Conversion to WB configuration:    Lockheed Marrietta

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