San Pablo Log Book Entry
Sinking of the
Honolulu Clipper



      Lying to as before.  0438 Placed No. 1 200 K.W. generator out of commission for repairs.  0545 Placed No. 1 200 K.W generator back in commission.  Captain at the conn. 0630 Commenced towing operations.  Pan-American Clipper (NC-18601) drifted into starboard side of ship at frame 45, damaging starboard wing of plane and broke off No. 4 engines.  Cut all towing lines. Plane continued drifting forward and knocked off all life line stanchions and jack staff.  0640 Backed clear of Clipper, commenced using various courses and speeds to keep clipper in sight.


                                                                  C.B. HOWARD,

                                                                  Ensign, USNR.



      Maneuvering as before.  0800 Mustered crew on stations – no absentees.  0950 Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples – conditions normal.


                                                                  R. F. STEVENSON,

                                                                  Lt.(jg), USNR.



      Maneuvering as before to keep Pan American Clipper in sight.  1310 Commenced firing 20 MM batterids to sink clipper in accordance with ComHawSeaFron., dispatch 072254 of November 1945.  1342 Ceased firing, having expended 1140 rounds of 20 MM – no casualties.  1347 Clipper plane sank.  1350 Set course 224 T. and pgc 215 pstc, and 201 psc.  Set speed to 13.5 knots (166 rpm) enroute to Pearl Harbor, T.H. in accordance with ComHawSeaFron., depatch 072254 of November 1945. 

                                                                  J.T. Lipford,

                                                                  Ensign, USNR.


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