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Some Great Airplanes

Boeing B-52G 59-2584
Boeing B-52G Midnight Express

Boeing 737 Prototype
737 Prototype Airplane

THE 737 IS 50

The 727 has Flown!
Number 1 Boeing 727
 727 Prototype Airplane

  Complete Last Flight Photos

Into the Aviation Pavilion

AA 727-223
American Boeing 727-223

Saving American 874

Super G Constellation

Concorde G-BOAG


Boeing 314

Boeing 314 Clipper

Boeing Plant II - End of an Era

Lockheed Model 10E Electra

The 707 is 60

747 Prototype Airplane

Air Force One

Air Force One - 707

Lockheed F-104C

Boeing B-47

Boeing 247

Douglas DC-2

Lockheed Jetstar Prototype Airplane

XF8U-1 Crusader Prototype  Airplane

Museum Restoration Center

Restoration Center Wizards

Antonov AN-2

Model 40
Boeing Model 40

An eastbound BNSF drag leaving Sultan, Wash.
BNSF Railway

A Wing Flies On

de Havilland Comet
de Havilland Comet IV C

B-52G Mohawk Valley
B-52G  Mohawk Valley

727 Last Rollout

My "First" Airplane
Why I Like Connies


Capt. Jeff Johnston Alaska Airlines
Jeff Johnston
MD80 Farewell


Passion!  This website is devoted to passion!

I'm a firm believer in it - whether it be music, cooking, painting, history - all of which I love - or airplanes, trains, boats and other things, which I also love. When you're on the green side of the grass - you ought to live and love life with gusto.

You are entering a very popular, albeit,  very esoteric website.  It  is devoted to some of the things I find interesting. Nothing more, and nothing less.  Other folks must enjoy some of the same things too, as this website has received  many millions of visits in the past few years - including one especially notable day (Sept. 28, 2010), when 1,508,235 hits were recorded in a single day!  In September 2010, I had over 6 million  hits with half a million visitors.   All, without a shred of advertising or promotion.  Not bad, not too bad at all.

Although the subject matter is pretty narrowly focused, I try to cover it comprehensively and in detail, mostly based upon my own personal experiences.  I'm retired after working for Boeing for over 30 years, and have loved airplanes for more than 50.  I also like trains and boats, and, well, ....a whole lot of other stuff.

I am a very active volunteer at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and have managed a series of major projects for them, including the 727 / 737 / 747 Prototypes, Concorde and Super Constellation.  So, a lot of this material covers these and other projects.   But, it is not the Museum's website!  Not everyone can come to Seattle or see these airplanes in person - so this will allow you a virtual tour.  Actually, some of these tours are much better than the ones you could get if you did visit in person.

I have enormous data, personal experience, and photographic resources and only hope I can find the time to process and create pages that will share some of these subjects, in depth,  with like-minded people throughout the world.

  What's on these pages now is only 1% of what I have squirreled away!

So, forgive me if some of it could be better, fancier, or more up-to-date.  Someday.......


Bob Bogash

Here's a Quick Video of My Activities

Do you have something you would like to Contribute ?
  Corrections?  Comments?

Reader Comments Here

Some of the best parts of this website are the stories shared by readers.


Tom Blevins
This Web Site is dedicated to
 Tom Blevins


Vans Aircraft created a FaceBook page covering my activities - you can find it here.

What's New?

737 is 50!

Last Voyage of the Independence

Crash of Alaska DC-4 March 1957

Last Flight of 727 Prototype

Saving American 874

My RV-12 on Vans Aircraft

707 is 60

Lockheed Model 10 Electra

Air Safety

Plowing Match


Old Barns

Boeing Plant II - Farewell

More - last planes out of Plant II

People of Super Connie CF-TGE

Roy Lundberg

Calabash Ham Radio Group

Tom Blevins

Red Martindale

Some Website Tips

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This website is best viewed using a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels !  Not meant to be viewed on your i-Phone.  Bigger really is better!

Loose Seats and Me


KING-TV in Seattle made  two videos of my activities.  One covering many of my projects has been posted to YouTube
you can view it by clicking here.

AirsideTV in New Zealand made a series of videos in April 2002 which they have recently posted to YouTube

Restoring the 727 Prototype here.

Maintaining the 737 Prototype at Moses Lake in preparation for its Final Flight - in Four parts:

Part 1 - click here

Part 2 - click here

Part 3 - Click here

Part 4 - Click here

Story of the 747 and the First Airplane here


I give numerous presentations during the year in assorted venues. Contact me if you are interested.  Subjects include:

TCA Lockheed Constellation CF-TGE - Talk and Tour - Museum of Flight

Pan Am Boeing 314 -  Honolulu Clipper

90th Anniversary of the Air Force Plant Office at Boeing (AFPRO/DCMA)

History of Boeing Plant II

Kelly Johnson

Design of the SR-71 Blackbird

Boeing 727 Prototype

Boeing 737 Prototype

Flight Testing the RV-12


All content and photos on this entire website are Copyright 1997-2017  by Robert A. Bogash, unless otherwise stated.
 All rights reserved.

Please contact me for permissions to use my content.
I normally give it freely.

Disclaimer:  This website is the personal website of Robert Bogash.

 It is not the Official website of the Museum of Flight.

All content, text, and opinions are my own. So great to be retired !

Northwest - Remembered....

Aloha Airlines - Mahalo Nui Loa

A Sad Ending

This web-site is ALWAYS under
 construction !  Check back often !

These subjects are coming ....
.....one of these days !

727 Cockpit, Cabin and Restoration photos
737 Cockpit Photos
737 Cabin Photos
737 Detailed External Photos
 More  Paine Field Resoration Center  Pictures
 Seaboard World Airlines 
 More on our FedEx and Orca Bay Airplanes
Cascade Tunnel -  GN / BNSF
Old Cascade Tunnel
Stampede Pass and Stampede Tunnel / NP
Fishing Boats
This Old House

People and Things....

Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash

My RV-12

My Best In-Flight Pictures

Flying over Mt. Rainier

My RV-12 reaches 500 hours

Flying the P-40

a 737 returns to Hope, B.C.

Moving Day at the Museum

The New Aviation Pavilion


Ham Radio Station - W7DDD

Calabash Group
Calabash Ham Radio Group

Chiba - My Pal

Dogs and Airplanes


Sun, Sea, and Sky

Last voyage of the Independence CV-62
Last Voyage of the Independence

Ships of Admiralty Inlet

Charley Horse Ranch


Plowing Match

Old Barns

Why not volunteer?

Air Park


Jim Gannett
My Friend Jim Gannett

Kelly Johnson

Kelly's Airplanes


Kelly and the U-2

Jim Blue

Capt. Red Martindale
Red Martindale

Roy Lundberg

Ray Goudey

Dick Taylor

Dick Merrill
Dick Merrill - Aviation Pioneer

Kevin Lacey
My Friend Kevin

Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson

Holland "Dutch" Redfield

Bob Doe

Bob Doe

David Clarabut
David Clarabut




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