E2 and E3 - The Second and Third Test Airplanes

E2 was the Second Production Airplane.  It made its first flight 12 Mar 1963.  With the same paint scheme as E1 and a registration of N72700, it is often mistaken for the Prototype, and is often mistakenly shown as such.  E2 remained a Boeing airplane throughout its life.

E2 - N72700   E2 - N72700 at KBFI

E2 was re-registered by Boeing as N 1784B in 1971, then re-registered again in its original N72700 tail number in May 1975.  It was withdrawn from use in April 1978 and partially dismantled, including removal of its outer wings.  It was parked for some years below the Boeing Field Control Tower where it was adorned with multiple paint patches to test paint longevity and durability.


E2 in 1982 as a paint tester. ( KBFI )

Ultimately, its forward fuselage was removed and moved to Boeing's Everett Plant,  ( KPAE ) where it has served as a production worker training device for many years.

E3, the Third Production Airplane, was painted in a hybrid Boeing-United color scheme (United colors with Boeing markings),
It was registered N7002U, and made its first flight 10 Apr 1963.  It was delivered to United Air Lines 24 Jun 1964. 

E3 - N7002U
 E3 - N7002U at the north end of Boeing Flight Center

Bob Bogash and E3
A young Bob Bogash in front of E3 - Sept 1963.


It was donated to the City of San Francisco 28 May 1992, and can been seen today on the ramp of San Francisco Community College at KSFO, where it was an aviation maintenance trainer, but now appears mostly derelict.

Update - Disappeared and presumed scrapped sometime after 2010.

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