U-2 at Beale AFB
April 2006

A Photo Essay by Jim Goodall  

My good friend Jim Goodall gets to do a lot of the things the rest of us only dream about - like spending a nice sunny day watching U-2s at their California base at Beale
.  Jim is a great photographer.

There they are!  A pair of U-2s in the pattern.

On the Flight Line

Big wing!

Three on the Line

And one in the Hangar


Cockpit sim / trainer

Now - out to the runway

Two-seater on Take-off

And a single seater

Up, up, and away !

Now - let's watch some landings....

Two seater with the usual "Chase Cars"

Tony LeVier was right!  Tailwheel first.

Sorry, Kelly.  That one'll cost you a Quarter.

What a great day with a great airplane - Thank You, Jim Goodall !
and....Thank You - Kelly Johnson

Copyright 2010 by Robert A. Bogash
All rights Reserved
Photos copyright Jim Goodall - Used with Permission

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