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Even More of "Our Regulars"

Elsie "Jean" Lucas
Portland, OR

Our other regular --
and senior --
"Lady Calabash" member
She writes, "... thanks for letting me check into your net. It means a lot to me. I sure miss having a beam antenna but thankful that living in a condo I was able to get my vertical up."

John "Warren" Dean, Jr.
Thatcher, AZ

with his "new" Swans
Here we see him

as "Robin Hood" --

original type in the first pic

and modern version in the second

Isn't it great we all have hobbies in addition to communicating with each other?

Rob Buttle
Toorbul Australia

and his best friend
Looks like Rob

fits right in

with the rest of us


Jack Miller
Sutherlin, OR

Our sharpshooter with the big signal
And that signal comes off this hexbeam antenna ...

... or did the hurricane just blow through and take the rest of his umbrella?

Harry Adams
Puyallup, WA

Retired university physics professor & newly licensed ham in 11/05 at age 81 years young -- proving you're never too old for a new hobby!

Doug Johnson
Fresno, CA

Grape producer extraordinaire ...
... and model train builder ...

... and engineer !

Mike Thomas
Palm City, FL

Mike recently finished construction of his hamshack / storage building

We should all be so lucky as to have our own separate space

And because we thought it would interest you, we stretched our guidelines and posted a third picture ...
The 12' gator that was caught in the lake adjacent to the Thomas home

Mike's wife, Sandy, is braver than most of us!

Tom Gugler
Reno, NV

Avid collector & restorer of vintage gear ...
... who also spends a lot of time polishing his "slightly modified" 1933 Ford Tudor

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