The Calabash Group


"The Regulars"

Here are the first dozen member pics:

Jay Downing
Glenwood, MN
Jay's other passion

** his Harley **

Mike Jennings
Lopez Island, WA

(one of the new hams we "Elmered" who's now an Extra)
Mike's view from his Deputy Sheriff's Office on the island

Sam Bales
Reklaw, TX

(photos by WBYNX)
** Sam's spread **

Flag flying in the breeze, the dog Mattie lying in the shade of the tree to the left of WBYNX's pickup

Tom just happened to be near Sam's QTH -- don't count on him traveling to get all your pics!)

Dan Lorenz
Keizer, OR

(back to "chewing the rag" after a 40-year absence)
The only 20'+ palm tree North of the 45th parallel --

a white picket fence
and a camper

Life is good!

Jerry Ziperstein
Boca Raton, FL

(one of our earliest stateside members)
Jerry recently visited London --

the Churchill underground War Rooms remain as they were on VE day, except for the added mannequins --

and because we thought it would interest you, we stretched our guidelines and posted a third picture ...
The clock at the Royal Observatory on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich

Jerry's wife, Fran, and older daughter, Robyn

Just in via e-mail:

Bill Strydom - ZS6BAZ
visiting the shack of
Peter Dent - ZL1PWD
Whangarei, NZ
Peter checks in when band conditions allow

Bill writes: Hope conditions will improve .... I had to remove my tower to make way for window .... Will have an antenna up soon again

Brian Franklin


Camden, TN

.... who gets only one picture because his rig's so big!

(That's his truck -- not his radio)

Ralph Bailey
San Mateo, CA

(at his home bench, working on the link trainer panel)
The complete link trainer

Looks like there's a lot of work left to do on it too!

Craig Roberts
Silver Spring, MD
One of our newer "Calabashers"

-- with two great views
of the world --

and builder of the MaxiMoxon Antenna

From our archives
-- the temporarily defunct South African contingent --
until band conditions improve!

Bill Strydom
Bill hosted
Ed McKenney - AA1ZK -
from Manchester, CT, another early member,
when he visited SA
The "other" Bill,
last name Hodges
Port Elizabeth

Boy did those two "Bill" names & similar callsigns confuse the early joiners!

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