Boeing B-47
The 60th Anniversary

  December 17, 2007


The Boeing B-47 Stratojet made its First Flight on December 17, 1947.  

B-47 60th anniversary

This Anniversary event was celebrated at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.


Living pioneers of the B-47 development program were on hand - including
Dick Taylor - B-47 Test Pilot
Ken Holtby - B-47 Design and Product Development
Jack Wimpress - B-47 Aerodynamicist
Guy Townsend - USAF B-47 Program Manager and Test Pilot
Brien Wygle,  Bill cook, and Joe Sutter in the audience.


The panelists discussed many of the unknown challenges encountered and solved by the team.
Dick Taylor described the toss bombing technique he helped develop, and then showed a video of the maneuver.

After the presentation, the panelists signed copies of Al Lloyd's wonderful B-47 book.  Sadly, Al died unexpectedly a few months ago, and so was not here to see this show - but his spirit was felt.

This book is available in the Museum Gift Shop and through Amazon.

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