Moving Day at the Air Park  -- Part Two                                       

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On Feb 14, 2015, Valentine's Day, the second half of the move out of the Air Park was made.  The 737 Prototype and 747 Prototype airplanes were moved out, providing access for the construction contractors.  Excavation will begin in the next few weeks.

The Air Park before the final move

The 747 was moved first.  It was positioned adjacent to the road for it's northerly and westerly relocation.

The transition area was compacted crushed rock.  It was hoped the surface would support the weight of the 747, but if not, preparations were made to use steel plates.

That is one big and beautiful airplane

The new temporary storage location would be the Sw corner of the Raisbeck Aviation High School parking lot.

The airplane looked sensational, resplendent in it's new paint

Then the 737 Prototype was moved and snuggled in adjacent to her big sister.

Sadly, she passes her stablemate for more than 10 years for the last time - the American 727 likely to be scrapped.

Two very historic airplanes - side by side.

It would be hard to overstate the significance to aviation history of these two Matriarchs

The sad and lonesome looking American 727 remains left in the Air Park.  Her future is uncertain, but appears grim as she will likely be scrapped. 

The view from the air, after the move, taken from my RV-12 airplane.

  Another great move team - part Boeing / part Museum staff, volunteers, and contractors.

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