Movement to the Air Park
737 Prototype
by Bob Bogash
Awaiting the tow 
 7 AM November 22, 2003 - awaiting the final tow

Hooked up
  8 AM.  Frosty.   Hooked up and ready to push



Across the road  Across East Marginal Way

This was the sixth time this airplane had crossed this road!  Twice in September 1966, twice in December 1966, once in January 1967, and this last time in November 2003.  And I was there for all six!


A close fit  --  under the wires,............and under Air Force One's Left Hand Wingtip

Parked  In her new stall!

With her stablemates
 In company with giants

  Beautiful !

Home at Last ...... at least for the next 13 years

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