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Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash

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Sunday, April 9, 2017, was the 50th Anniversary of the First Flight of the Boeing 737 Jetliner.  It was even the same day of the week, making the occasion even more momentous.

In celebration, a Golden Anniversary Party was held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, where that first airplane made her first flight and now proudly resides.

Starting at Noon, there was a panel presentation

More than just a few 737 lovers out there!
A lot of old-timers who hadn't seen each other in a long, long time.
Ron King, Ron Woodard, Harry Arnold, Chris Longridge

The Panel comprised L-R
Mike Lombardi - Boeing Historian and Moderator
Peter Morton - Retired Boeing Engineer and Executive
Brien Wygle - Retired Boeing Executive and Test Pilot on the First Flight
Bob Bogash - Retired Boeing Executive, Engineer, and Prototype Crew Chief

The talk included many stories, reminisces, historic pictures and videos
The William Allen Theater was Standing Room Only!

The early start time was selected to mark the exact 1:16 PM time of the first take-off
50 years ago......

Meanwhile, hidden away in the projection room, our unsung Museum audio-video expert Catherine McGourty makes sure the magic happens when I push the clicker.

After the talk, the audience moved to the Museum parking lot where a brand new 737 MAX had been parked by Boeing.  The very latest in the long line of 737 models, the airplane was in Southwest Airlines colors, and was close to receiving its FAA Certification.

A selfie by 737 fan Peter Lemme with Brien and Bob and the MAX in the background

After admiring the new airplane, guests moved across the street to the new Aviation Pavilion where the Guest of Honor - the 737 Prototype PA099 - awaited us.

A big crowd was on hand to celebrate

Cake and bubbly for a toast was laid out next to the airplane

The result of the hard work of Carla Bitter, Cale Wilcox and the rest of
the great Museum of Flight staff.

First Class!!!

Bob Bogash led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday

And then a Toast was raised to celebrate our Baby's 50 years!

Flight attendants acted as our super hostesses

After a ribbon cutting, Brien Wygle and Bob Bogash welcomed the visitors aboard the aircraft.

Donna and Evan Elliott and Marlene Taylor

Brien Wygle and daughter next to the big Birthday Card
April 9, 1967 seemed long ago and far away
Well, maybe not so long ago......

Captain Dan Dornseif, who flies 737s for Southwest, came all the way from Orlando, Florida with two of his kids - Sarah and Alex.

   Sarah and Alex from Orlando

When they couldn't get seats to Seattle, they flew to someplace close, rented a car, and drove the rest of the way.  In this case, "close" was Sacramento!

Dan is the author of the definitive history of the 737 - a project he has been working on for some years - and now due for release by the publisher this summer.
737 lovers will not want to miss it!!!

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That's my Girl!

Photos by  Peter Lemme, Dan Dornseif, Barry Latter, Dot & Bob Bogash, and......
If you have some more good ones - send them on!

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